Systems Engineering
for System Developer

Modern technical products are often integrated systems. The time has gone where products are composed of single systems to provide single functions.

Product functionality today is achieved by a combination of integrated systems, where functions are spread across different systems and components. Systems Engineering provides a methodology to find solutions for an optimised system architecture and development process to achieve the target.

The course will introduce methods and processes for an optimised development and life cycle approach. The course is providing a basic introduction in systems engineering with its process models, methodologies and full life cycle support.

  • Methods and Processes for System Development
  • Collection and Compilation of Requirements
  • Architectural Design and Solution Strategies
  • Requirements Validation and Requirements
  • Verification Process Models
  • Verification Strategies
  • Concurrent Engineering Requirements Management and Traceability

informations about the training

  • For project manager and system development engineers
  • Participants: 5-15
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Language: English or German


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