Systems Engineering
Project Management

Projects in all industries are more and more influenced by complex customer requirements as well as social communities and legal constraints. Projects are often facing delays and budgetary overspends.

Although sound project management and sound engineering processes are applied, traditional methods are not able to cope with the complexity of modern projects. This course will give an introduction on collaboration approaches of engineering and project management. The course will concentrate on the main processes of project management and engineering to give an introduction and overview to handle complexity by systems engineering supporting and being supported by project management.

Using systems engineering combined with project management will make project planning more robust against changes and will increase the probability to complete a project in time and budget to full customer satisfaction.

  • Collaboration of Project Managements and Development during Project Definition
  • Risk Identification
  • Definition of work packages aligned on functions and Interfaces
  • Monitoring of Project Status by structured development processes and requirements tracing
  • Roles, Responsibilities Deliverables and Methods
  • Strategies of collaboration of engineering and project management

informations about the training

  • For project and engineering managers
  • Participants: 5-12
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: English or German


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