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Our vision is helping our customers to improve their
development processes and approaches. We support
our customers by interim management based on our
experience and know how. We serve customers in all industries.

Hünnemeyer Engineering Consulting | Munich Ottobrunn






Hünnemeyer System Engineering Consulting & Product Development | Munich Ottobrunn


  • Maintenance Analysis in accordance with S400P and MSG-3
  • Maintenance Optimisation for aircrafts and production machines
  • Development of Avionik and Flight Control Systems up to DAL A
Hünnemeyer System Engineering Consulting & Product Development | Munich Ottobrunn


  • Systems Engineering for Wind Turbines and Power Transmission
  • Maintenance Analysis and Optimisation of TCO
  • RAMS Engineering Services
Hünnemeyer System Engineering Consulting & Product Development | Munich Ottobrunn


  • RAMS Analysis and Life Cycle Support Systems Analysis
  • Systems Engineering
  • Development Processes
  • Tender Support
Hünnemeyer System Engineering Consulting & Product Development | Munich Ottobrunn


  • Safety Analysis in accordance with ISO 26262
  • Safety Management
  • Systems Engineering


We help you to maintain awareness of the current status during the course of a product development.

We help you to establish a project management and engineering management required to drive your business to more success.

Hünnemeyer Engineering Consulting | Munich Ottobrunn

We help you to implement processes and methods for a cost optimised life cycle management.

We know how to setup scheduled, predictive and reliability centered maintenance.


Projects in all industries are more and more influenced by increasing complexity of the customer requirements as well as social communities and legal constraints and sustainability.


With increasing product complexity, engineering requires more and more knowledge of specialised disciplines and how to integrate them. An important discipline for an economical and economically operation of a product we train on the efficient application Maintainability and Safety Analysis.


Modern technical products are often highly integrated systems. The time has gone where products are composed of single systems to provide single functions. This course is concentrating on the philosophy of systems thinking and maintaining the integrity of the product with respect to the customer´s wishes.


Maintenance Cost are a main driver for the life cycle cost. To achieve a high availability and functional reliability of a system a risk based maintenance analysis during the development cycle will ensure an optimum of support cost during the service life of a product.


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    Alte Landstraße 25
    D-85521 Ottobrunn

    Tel. +49 (0) 89 66079980


    Hünnemeyer Consulting GmbH
    Rosenheimer Landstraße 53
    D-85521 Ottobrunn

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